Hotels in St. Petersburg: hotel reservation in the Northern capital

March 21, 2019

Hotels in St. Petersburg are so diverse that they can find shelter for themselves as a poor student who wants to see the city of Petra at least once, as well as a successful entrepreneur who came here for business.

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Gelendzhik, rest in Russia, Sochi, Adler, travel, sea

March 16, 2019

Sprawled along the coast of the Black Sea bay, the city of Gelendzhik - once was a very small settlement. Now it has turned into a major seaside resort, which is no less popular than Sochi and Anapa.

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Finland, Helsinki, Europe

March 16, 2019

Finland is located in the north-eastern part of Europe. The largest city is Helsinki. Finland offers many ways to relax.

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Island Java, Indonesia, volcanoes, nature, sky, sea

March 15, 2019

The island of Java is in Indonesia. Here, the beauty of nature is interwoven with various dangers. The main of them can be called the abundance of volcanoes.

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Dominican Republic, paradise islands, tourism, vacation, sea, nature, romance

March 14, 2019

Dominican is a paradise. Only by stepping on this earth, you forget about all problems and enjoy the harmony of nature. This untouched land rightly causes a real delight. Oh, to stay forever in the Dominican Republic!

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гостиница, отель, шикарные квартиры, интерьер, дизайн

March 12, 2019

Nowadays, in practically every major city, you can find institutions where you are invited to spend your free time, and such institutions can be as simple hostels, oriented primarily to traveling youth, and rather luxurious and expensive hotels that provide their visitors all amenities.

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Anti Valentine's Day: in search of adventure

January 30, 2019

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for a romantic getaway for two in some fairy place. You can select a comfortable, quiet town, a secluded beach or a desert island - romance is assured. However, it is possible to break the tradition and choose a place where the adrenaline rolls, but romance does not even smell. This Valentine's Day to be remembered for a lifetime!

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India, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges, Tibet, India's currency, holidays in India

January 9, 2019

Once in India through offers like cheap and luxury travel companies, immersed in a very different life and culture. Nation-wide culture and traditions, the universal religion, unity with nature, unique cuisine - all this diversity is at the limit of great wealth and miserable poverty. In this extraordinary country, a lot of attractions. A large number of historical monuments, museums, the "golden triangle" and seaside resorts.

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Dubai, sea, sky, vacation, holiday

November 18, 2019

Among the tourists who prefer to relax on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the greatest popularity of the emirate of Dubai. This is one of the largest tourist centers in the region. Dubai - a paradise on earth for shopaholics and beach lovers.

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Бельгия, старый город, фото города, небо, мосты

November 10, 2019

Belgium is not a big country but tourism is very developed in it. Many of the buildings in Brussels the capital are architectural monuments. In the cycle of historical attractions include Cathedral of St. Michael, the Royal Palace, as well as the town hall with its high tower.

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Rome, Paris, Moscow, Europe, travel, country, Madrid, Spain

November 9, 2019

There comes the autumn months, the time when you can go to Europe and enjoy the delights of autumn nature, historical places. After all, every city has a European area historical sites, which each year attracts more and more attention of tourists.

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Prague, Czech Republic, autumn, city, river, sky

November 6, 2019

Any trip is connected not only with what attractions and historical sites need to see, but also in order to bring some original souvenirs related to a particular country.
So, as Prague is pretty diverse city, as a gift, you can bring a huge number of all - stuff.

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dog, vacation, travel, animal, suitcase

November 3, 2019

No need to abandon the holiday if you do not know what to do with your pet. You can always take with you on a journey. Before the trip to rest, especially if you are going abroad, not too lazy to find out whether to allow the entry of animals into the territory of the country in which you want to relax. For example, in the UK and Iceland entering forbidden with animals, but the entrance to Europe or America will be no problems.

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Malaysia, travel, night city, sky, night

October 30, 2019

Amazing discoveries await everywhere. Malaysia impressive. The contrasts of life are already noticeable in the heart of Kuala Lumpur - the heart of the country. Young and old houses are located on a background of glass skyscrapers. Many of these houses over a hundred years.

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How to rest in Gelendzhik?

October 26, 2019

"White Bride" on the Black Sea, so decided to call it among vacationers. Rest in Gelendzhik is an unforgettable journey through the beautiful beaches, the streets, where you can enjoy the Pitsunda pine trees, picturesque mountain scenery, unforgettable evening bay.

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