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On stilts houses, modern skyscrapers nearby, healing sand bridges in the middle of the forest in the high-tech style, endless tea plantations on the hillsides. Amazing discoveries await everywhere. Malaysia impressive. The contrasts of life are already noticeable in the heart of Kuala Lumpur - the heart of the country. Young and old houses are located on a background of glass skyscrapers. Many of these houses over a hundred years. But to sell and move to a new home of their inhabitants do not hurry up, despite the fact that the land on which their fathers had built a house, the most expensive in the capital. This is the area of ​​Kampong Bahru. There still keep the traditions, crafts involved grandparents, cook Malaysian dishes for grandmothers recipes, organize festivals and fairs. That is why this area of ​​Kuala Lumpur are particularly fond of many guests.

Very near to this traditional Malay quarter rose towers Petronas Twin Towers, a height of almost 450 meters. Between the skyscrapers there gallery, which in turn is the bridge on the 86 floor you can stand on the viewing platform and look over almost the whole of the capital of Malaysia. Here, for a fee, you can take a picture on the background of enchanting beauty.

Malaysia - a multinational country. This is particularly evident in Kuala Lumpur. Here you can come across and the Indian quarter, and the Chinese. Each of these areas of life of its own, which is inherent in their country. It smells of spices, tea and noodles. Outdoor cooks offer to taste the most unusual dishes.

Pretty attractive to tourists, especially those traveling with children, bird park. It is home to all kinds of birds. Some of them can feed, for example, multi-colored parrots.

A bit after driving from the capital in the direction of popular resorts, tourists gaze appear palm groves, impenetrable jungle. Of course, there are spacious and equipped beaches. They are all in different places, and some will leave, every tourist to decide. There is also a secluded beaches and noisy. But there are those who will not only gain strength, but also heal some diseases. These beaches are located in the archipelago of Langkawi. It's all about minerals contained in the sand. The uniqueness of these beaches lies in the fact that, depending on the predominance of certain minerals, sand takes on an interesting color. It can even be a silver. The unusual nature of the game!

Another attraction in Langkawi is a bridge over the abyss. Exactly! At an altitude of 700 meters above virgin forests stretched curved engineering marvel - a heavenly bridge. Incredibly beautiful sight opens to those who dare to go on it.

Travel will sooner or later lead the people in the most unusual places, from which breathtaking. But this is the meaning of tourism - to see as many cities and countries, to have something to tell your friends and relatives.


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