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Tourism in Belgium.

Belgium is not a big country but tourism is very developed in it. Many of the buildings in Brussels the capital are architectural monuments. In the cycle of historical attractions include Cathedral of St. Michael, the Royal Palace, as well as the town hall with its high tower. Its height is about 90 m. To attract tourists can not only old buildings, and a museum dedicated to the history of the country. Among them is the historical museum of Mini-Europe, he willingly visit coming to rest. Its walls come to life little models of historically significant buildings in Europe. The town is called Bruges is considered a local Belgian Venice. He retained a construction time of the 18th century. Immediately located Belford tower, It symbolizes the courage and resilience of the townspeople. Bruges is a place of special attention of tourists not only because of the long history, but also because that in itself brings some romance and inspiration.

In addition to the tour of the capital to visit cities such as:

1) Lёzh. This city is glorified as the creator of art. There are a large number of museums of fine arts, historical monuments, they create an atmosphere of a unique city. There are some buildings that were built in the 16th century. His views are decorated with modern facilities. One of the representatives is exquisite ancient church Saint-John. Nearby is located the town hall building, its construction was completed in 1714;

2) Leven. It is in this city of the oldest university in Belgium was founded, its opening sostoyalaos in 1425, the year. many great people from various eras came from his door;

3) Mechelen. Belgian Archbishop built his residence here in the first half of the 16th century. It was a town hall, executed in the Gothic style. It is noteworthy that the construction of this structure lasted centuries and ended only in the 19th century. Kortrek located near Mechelen, may surprise travelers with its history, which dates back to Roman times. damask-type fabric production in times of feudalism provided the prosperity of the city;

4) Ostend. Most of the tourists who decide to travel to Belgium, interested in history, but that the country as a tourist center, not only rich in architectural monuments. In Ostend, you can spend a beach holiday, enjoy the resort, go to a casino, and visit the many other activities, including the Hippodrome.

Activities in Belgium will not disappoint even the most experienced traveler.


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