Beach holidays in Gelendzhik

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Rest in Gelendzhik

Sprawled along the coast of the Black Sea bay, the city of Gelendzhik - once was a very small settlement. Now it has turned into a major seaside resort, which is no less popular than Sochi and Anapa. Due to a very warm climate, the water in the bay, off the coast of which Gelendzhik is located, remains warm by the summer until October, which allows for a large part of the year to support the influx of a huge number of tourists who want to relax in this resort of the Krasnodar Territory.


An excellent option for recreation in Gelendzhik is visiting its picturesque sea beaches. And tourists are given the opportunity to spend time, both on sandy and pebbly beaches, because for the sea coast, near which Gelendzhik is located, is characterized by pebble and sand composition of its surface layer. The same goes for the options for a variety of leisure activities that open up before lovers of beach holidays, when people who prefer silence and peace can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature in places untouched by civilization; And people who prefer a noisy vacation with a large crowd of people, can also find pleasure to their liking by visiting the numerous clubs and cafes stretching along the coast.

Conducting leisure in the beach cafes of Gelendzhik - will be a good addition to skating on various water transport and parachute flight over the waters of the Black Sea bay. Active recreation can be an exciting pastime for tourists and locals coming to the seaside, but they can enjoy a more relaxing holiday, choosing as an entertainment swimming in the sea and sunbathing on warm sand, or playing with a ball or racquets. For all these classes vacationers are provided here in a wide range of necessary beach equipment, which they can use if necessary.

The beautiful beaches of Gelendzhik are able to give the sea of ​​pleasure, and their visit will be a wonderful way to spend time in this city. But in addition to rest on the seaside, people who are in Gelendzhik also have access to many other fascinating leisure activities: visiting the dolphinarium; Jeep riding; Various entertainments in the amusement park; Excursion to cultural monuments; - all these opportunities can be used when visiting the wonderful resort of the Krasnodar Territory. And during their stay in Gelendzhik, tourists who come to this city are provided with very comfortable living conditions that are available to holidaymakers, both in private houses leased by local residents during the tourist season, and in hotels that are represented in Gelendzhik in a significant variety And hotels. Such favorable living conditions - together with a high level of service, make the rest at the seaside even more beautiful for the visitors of the resort.

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