Anti Valentine's Day: in search of adventure

Anti Valentine's Day: in search of adventure

Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for a romantic getaway for two in some fairy place. You can select a comfortable, quiet town, a secluded beach or a desert island - romance is assured. However, it is possible to break the tradition and choose a place where the adrenaline rolls, but romance does not even smell. This Valentine's Day to be remembered for a lifetime!

Explore the Museum of broken hearts in Zagreb! In this new museum has collected many artifacts, unusual and bizarre. Stories of failures and accidents in the relationship of opposite sexes, as well as items associated with these events have nothing to do with romance, but it is instructive, clearly.

Ride in a boat on the Norfolk marshes! Norfolk is an ideal place for those who want to explore the English countryside. If you want to cheer up your adrenaline, should take a boat rental and try to cross the great local swamp called Broads. Here is a chance to get stuck in the middle, in the shallow waters, to feel what the seasickness, and become a treat for insects. Whether such a romantic prospect deceived?

On a motorcycle along the Ho Chi Minh! The largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, known for its shops and markets with very cheap products, as well as an incredibly chaotic street traffic. Motorcycles, like a cloud of disturbed wasps rush by cars trying to pass through the narrowest space. If there is a desire for a real adventure, is to leave the city, on the road Ho Chi Minh City - Hanoi, where you can not only plenty to go crazy on a motorcycle, but also to witness an exciting local panorama.

Try specialties Kombodzhi! This Asian country is famous for its food markets, where you can taste dishes made from snakes, frogs, beetles and larvae. Is crispy tarantula, fried in oil, can not become a main dish romantic dinner?

To equip the hotel with ghosts in England! With a large number of buildings that were built in the Middle Ages, England interest to tourists, fans of various mysteries and phantasmagoria. Ghosts can be found in the gorgeous, expensive hotels in the kingdom. With a fascinating history, a unique design, well-trained staff and invisible night hosts. Is the night before Valentine's Day, held together with a loved one, under the supervision of the ancient ghosts, not to be remembered forever?


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