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India, the Taj Mahal, the Ganges, Tibet, India's currency, holidays in India

Once in India through offers like cheap and luxury travel companies, immersed in a very different life and culture. Nation-wide culture and traditions, the universal religion, unity with nature, unique cuisine - all this diversity is at the limit of great wealth and miserable poverty. In this extraordinary country, a lot of attractions. A large number of historical monuments, museums, the "golden triangle" and seaside resorts.


The pride of this country - delicious Himalayas and mysterious Tibet, the tropics of the Western Ghats, religious river Ganges. A characteristic feature of the sunny country - a peaceful coexistence of different religions in the world. What makes an unusual local architecture - the construction of a Hindu temple with domes Christian or Buddhist stupa in the background of the minaret of the mosque. Indian time differs from Moscow for 2.5 hours. The climate in India is mainly tropical, and in the north tropical monsoon. This foreign visitors to India is easy to communicate with the locals.


The currency of the country - the Indian rupee. Aviation - perhaps the most convenient and most expensive form of transport in India. Railways leading to the Himalayas, is brought travelers to the delightful mountain villages. Express train is not so comfortable. Hitchhiking along the roads of India are not advised because of the large number of accidents. It is better to buy a tour and get acquainted with all the necessary information that will give the travel agency. A popular place for shopping tourists - local markets. When available at low cost Indian markets you can bargain - it will buy the product at the best price. In this country, very high quality and cheap fabric, jewelry, precious stones.


As for accommodation, the way things are. If you want a cheap room resting in the range of $ 3-10 for two and a train of the second class, it will hold in the country at $ 10 per day. If you want to have a room with private facilities, eat well and travel comfortably, it is necessary to prepare a $ 25-30 per night. In India cheap flights for domestic and some international flights. You can buy a special ticket, which allow unlimited flying around the country on domestic flights economy class. In India, you can find accommodation on the class of cheap rooming house to a luxury hotel.


In some places you can stay in private homes. Before entering the country recommended to be vaccinated against hepatitis A. Do not drink tap water or eat unpeeled vegetables and fruit.



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