What kind of gifts and souvenirs to bring from Prague

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Any trip is connected not only with what attractions and historical sites need to see, but also in order to bring some original souvenirs related to a particular country.

So, as Prague is pretty diverse city, as a gift, you can bring a huge number of all - stuff.

Among the gifts:

- Alcohol - beer, liquor or absinthe that is simply an incredible number of species;

- Amulets for home;

- Stunning puppets in the images of his favorite characters from films and cartoons;

- Souvenirs - T-shirts, mugs, magnets, Golem statues;

- Authentic souvenirs;

- A variety of toys;

- Personal care products - natural soap, shampoos, bath salts and more.

Connoisseurs will appreciate the wonderful dishes as a gift Bohemian crystal, which is the real pride of the Czech masters. With regard to the tradition of excellence, it goes back a long way in the past century, and has quite a colorful and rich history.

At the present time these fine products are not sold in the souvenir shops, and specialty stores dishes.


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