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Article about Finland

Finland is located in the north-eastern part of Europe. It consists of twelve lans (provinces). Presidential republic. The President is elected for six years. The currency is the euro. Finland has a population of five million people. In Finland there are no megacities. The largest city is Helsinki. A little more than half a million people live in it. Finland is inhabited by representatives of two main nations: the Swedes and the Finns. Therefore, there are two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. The majority of the population of Finland profess Lutheranism. On the second place - Orthodoxy. Time in Finland is one hour behind Moscow time.

It is believed that the ecological situation in Finland is one of the most favorable in Europe. Here, a stable economy and a high degree of security of residence. In the territory of this relatively small country, there are almost two hundred thousand lakes. Two-thirds of the whole land of Finland is covered with forests.

Although Finland and the northern country, the climate here is quite mild. Affects the influence of the Gulf Stream. The average summer temperature is +20, winter -3.

Accounts in Finland can be paid in cash (euros), as well as various types of cards. Legislation does not impose restrictions on the import and export of funds.

What not to worry about when visiting this country, so about the level of medical care. The level of care for the patient's health in local clinics deserves all praise.

Public transport is well developed in Finland. But if you still had to travel in this country on your own car, you need to remember that there is a mandatory requirement for the use of winter tires in January and February. Road charges are not present. Signs are the same as in the whole of Europe. If there are no signs prescribing a speed limit, then you need to go no faster than 80 km / h.

The cuisine of Finland is distinguished by an abundance of fish dishes. In addition, local restaurants will offer the visitor a lot of desserts from berries.

Finland offers many ways to relax. The only condition for vacationers is not to violate the rules regarding nature. Nature is very carefully treated here and is urgently asked about the same visitors to the country.


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