What is Aparthotel?

гостиница, отель, шикарные квартиры, интерьер, дизайн

A lot of people who, if they wish, or according to their activities, are forced to travel a lot and often, know how important it is to find a place to spend the night and spend free time in an unfamiliar city. At the same time, each person chooses for himself the most acceptable and suitable place of temporary residence, based on his own principles and preferences. Nowadays, in practically every major city, you can find institutions where you are invited to spend your free time, and such institutions can be as simple hostels, oriented primarily to traveling youth, and rather luxurious and expensive hotels that provide their visitors all amenities.

In a variety of options for institutions for temporary residence, it is possible to single out so-called aparthotels that are somewhat different from what most people perceive under the very concept of hotel rooms. Similar hotels, although intended for short stays, are real apartments, with several rooms, all the necessary furniture, appliances, and other items useful for living. Typically, these types of temporary housing are chosen by those travelers who travel the whole family, or - a large group of friends, because, in such cases, accommodation is more convenient and more profitable. But, at the same time, accommodation in the rooms of similar establishments of single travelers may seem quite expensive for them. Accomplishment and a sense of home comfort in the apart-hotel rooms lead to the fact that even residents of the same city where such hotels are located, sometimes resort to their services, for example - during repairs in the apartment, moving, and other situations when the permanent residence They dont have.


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