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Among the tourists who prefer to relax on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the greatest popularity of the emirate of Dubai. This is one of the largest tourist centers in the region. Dubai - a paradise on earth for shopaholics and beach lovers. Only here you can freely wander around the super-modern shopping malls and buy branded items at the lowest prices in the world. And in March, you can visit the shopping festival held here.

Jumeirah attracts visitors beautiful sandy beaches, modern hotels with high level of service. Among the hotels should be noted semizvezdny Bursch Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach, with six stars. Sports lovers are also not left without attention, excellent conditions created for them. You can engage in mountaineering, cycling, water-skiing, karting bowling, billiards, sailing, paintball and many others.

In Dubai, it is the first in the Middle East under the covering of the ski resort and the world famous water park Wild Wadi. Aqua Park is designed as a river that runs through the ruins of the ancient city, oasis and rock. Visitors have a choice of 24 rides, which are connected to a single stream of water or slides. There is also a casino, with a large number of slot machines, roulette and card tables.

Here it is one of the most famous in the Middle East Wonderland amusement park. Park is divided into three parts. One, Main Street, simulates a Caribbean street of the city, with clowns, jugglers and cafeterias. Second, Theme park, is more suitable for older children recreation. Here there are roundabouts, small boats, and racing karts. The third is a water park with pools and attractions. For those who want a snack, a network of fast food restaurants.


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