How to rest in Gelendzhik?

How to rest in Gelendzhik?

Gelendzhik - a city of celebration, with hundreds of resorts, hotels and spas. It is a unique klimatobalneologicheskim resort that remains attractive all year round for guests.


"White Bride" on the Black Sea, so decided to call it among vacationers. Rest in Gelendzhik is an unforgettable journey through the beautiful beaches, the streets, where you can enjoy the Pitsunda pine trees, picturesque mountain scenery, unforgettable evening bay.


Rest in Gelendzhik very diverse, each camper will find his game. Who likes to enjoy the sun, that offers clean pebble beaches and emerald sea, who like active type of holiday, at its disposal active water treatment. In addition there are water parks, dolphin, entertainment and educational centers in the complex for an unforgettable family vacation.


Rest in Gelendzhik is also therapeutic and prophylactic treatments in sanatoriums and boarding houses. The air here is clean, full of sweet smells of pine, which has beneficial effects on the human respiratory system, and the climate is considered to be very soft, allowing many people without any problems to adapt to his new place of rest.

Before you spend a vacation abroad is still worth thinking over the choice of our resorts, they are absolutely not worse overseas, and some of the beauties of nature, even superior.

The best hotels in Gelendzhik, as well as apartments for a day you can find on our site.


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