Dominican: heaven on earth exists!

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Dominican Republic

Such reviews sound like a common banality, but you just have to look at the pictures of this delightful country! Note: the pictures and close can not convey the frenzied energy and paradise calm of this beautiful island with its white sands and azure waters. From the first seconds of your stay in this paradise, you are enveloped by the moist heat of the tropics. Beaches of the Dominican Republic - this is advertising "Bounty" embody. The water glows with pure azure, and the blue sky echoes it. Green palms rustle above their heads, clinging to the southern breeze. Feeling amazing! Guests of this island unanimously admit: I can not believe that such a picture can be real, not faked in Photoshop.

Tour to the Dominican Republic can be a reason for you to lie on the hot sand of the beach, go on excursions to the places where you shot Hollywood movies, or visit a real tropical safari.

Hotels on the island are presented for all tastes and purse: democratic "troika" and luxurious apartments - each guest will find for himself the perfect haven.

The most amazing phenomenon of the island - virgin, wild beaches, protected conservation areas, where only bare feet of local people step on, protecting their own personal paradise from time immemorial, and now ready to receive Europe's guests.

Prices for vacation in the Dominican Republic in 2017 certainly bite very much, but true connoisseurs will not stop it.

Of course, you can not do without an active rest: besides the rally in the tropics, you can use the services of an instructor for professional diving, which will gladly show you the most exotic corners and their beautiful inhabitants.

Learn to dance as colorful and fervent as young Dominican beauties! Salsa and merenga - people adored by dancing, full of bright southern emotions. If you are shy, feel free - at least take the time to watch. Impressions are inexpressible!

For any guest, adult or very young, for family people and adventurers - the Dominican will find the key to everyone's heart.

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