Vacation with pet

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No need to abandon the holiday if you do not know what to do with your pet. You can always take with you on a journey.


Before the trip, on vacation, particularly if you are going abroad, not too lazy to find out whether to allow the entry of animals into the territory of the country in which you want to relax. For example, in the UK and Iceland entering forbidden with animals, but the entrance to Europe or America will be no problems.

The Veterinary Service is required to issue a document, without which your pet will not be allowed - veterinary certificate. It records all the data about the animal, all inoculations, about the treatment of worms and fleas.

Vaccination should be done no later than one month before departure. The most basic is the vaccination against rabies, but in different countries have different requirements. Be sure to find out what diseases are characteristic of animals out there, where you are going. You may have to make a couple of shots.

On the road

It is best to go on holiday by car, so the animal will be easier to move the trip. But a car convenient to travel only on the not very far away.

If you need to fly the airplane, the airline should be mandatory, at least one day notice that you fly with your pet. Dogs with a "flattened" snout better to abandon the trip, because they are not very well regulated heating and cooling the air.

If you pet weighs more than eight pounds, in his interior you will not be allowed, but do not worry. Airlines transported animals in convenient boxes, so do not think that your pet will shower suitcases.

With a need to take more napkins or towels, as animal can lull the road. It is advisable to wear a collar, which include your contact information in case an animal escapes or you somehow lose it.

Choosing hotel

The hotel's rules have to be a residence permit for an animal. Of course, these hotels are more expensive than usual. If you are going in the hot country, then in the room to be air-conditioned. Pets suffer from the difficulty of the sultry heat. Of course, at least for the first time, bring a food to which your pet is used to. If you come on vacation with the dog, do not forget to walk it.

Upon arrival, be sure to find out the address of the nearest veterinary clinic in the first place, if something happens with your pet, you will reduce the time to search for, and secondly, if you stay abroad, on arrival home, you will need a certificate from the veterinarian that the animal is ill, or at customs you can not miss.

In general, I am going on holiday with pets to behave like children. Very closely monitor their mood and well-being.


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