Java. Life on a volcano in Indonesia

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The Island of Java in Indonesia

Arriving on the island of Java, you can immediately say that the local girls are different in yellow skin, like a Chinese woman. However, their eyes are much larger and more beautiful, and the lips are such that even the famous Jolie could only dream about them. This is a very interesting, exotic place. But, first of all, it is an island of volcanoes. There are 121. Of these, 35 - are still showing periodic or persistent activity. Some become the cause of permanent tremors or spewing out of their belly boiling, hot lava.


Others quietly froze and doze for the time being. Or just "pretend", from time to time spitting out of their craters a plume of gases a few kilometers up. And it happens that they erupt somewhere to the side, and merge their lava into colored lakes, on which sulfur compounds "draw" emerald green patterns.

Volcanoes are capable of killing. The most famous of them -


. He has already claimed more than 36,000 lives. And although he is not in Java, but during the eruption was perfectly visible from the west coast of the island. In 1883, he threw ash into the sky to a height of 80 km. Explosions were heard in Australia, and dust and volcanic rain fell everywhere in this region for three days - both in Jakarta and on other islands.

What was not washed away by the rain - the winds blew and blown around the world. This cloud traveled over North America and Europe. Half a century ago, an equally powerful volcano, Tambora, erupted in neighboring Sumatra, whose activities were equally devastating. And what about volcanic activity on the Dieng Plateau, where a huge oval measuring 14 by 6 km was formed on the site of the crater of the volcano. In comparison with this result, the remnants of Krakatoa seem small. But he slowly adds height and on one terrible day again will be big and menacing.

And yet - volcanoes are capable of giving life. Literally, any culture grows on their ashes. That's why the Javanese learned to live here. They are used not only to "sleeping", but also, at times, erupting, gurgling and growling stone monsters. On rocks there lies a huge layer of volcanic ash, which is considered the most fertile soil in the entire territory of Java. It grows not only papaya, but also potatoes.

Accustomed to such a life Javanese only laugh when they are asked about the fear of volcanoes. They joke that the volcano may not wake up if you walk on it on tiptoe. And they look cheerfully into the future, despite the fact that they live, literally, on the eve of this seismic hell.


Indonesia is beautiful at any time and one of the wonders of this country is the island of Java!


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