Indonesia - State Puzzle

Indonesia - State Puzzle

Indonesia is one of the biggest countries in the world, it is composed of more than 17 thousand islands. The archipelago is located along the equatorial band, because of this, the temperature in all parts of the country is almost the same, it does not exceed 27 degrees Celsius. Bintan Island is the most visited place, its like a resort, they have developed a residents-Singapore at every opportunity can take a ship and an hour to approach to Indonesia. Local visa given at vezde- at least seven days.

To pay on Bintan can Singapore dollars, all for the convenience of the most frequent visitors, rarely seen the price tags with the local currency. In Indonesia, the local currency is called the rupee, they depict national heroes. The largest banknote denominations of 100 thousand rupees it depicts two people: the president and vice president.

In Indonesia, rich nature, almost 70% of the archipelago occupied by dense jungle. But every year they are becoming less and less, as the locals actively adopt on-site European culture of mangrove jungle built golf courses. Game aristocrats widespread on the islands, and now the local hotels can boast a number of quality golf holes and the player level.

The hotel offers views of coastal waves and palm trees. Required element vast landscape boulders that grow directly from the sea depths. Everyone can relax sunbathing on the white sand beach, pamper yourself with a clean, clear and warm ocean water.

Bintan island relative to other more secure with well-developed infrastructure. The islands of the archipelago of Indonesia is famous for its special culinary "flavors" -they include a number of cuisines, Chinese and Indian. The main diet of the inhabitants are rice and fried chicken with chili sauce and hot spices, and seasonings. Residents Bintan wash down spicy food with fine water ice or fresh juice. Alcohol drinking is not accepted, although Indonesia has its own wine production. Rate it taste and you can dine in the on-site restaurant, but the Indonesians are advised to dinner on the coast: on the hill for guests is erected outside the boudoir, around the lit torches. Start the meal is best not later than six in the evening, there will be time and eat, and enjoy a fiery sunset.

Indonesia, one of the few countries where the preserved wilderness and clean ocean. This region is like nothing better experience to all who are accustomed to the calm and quiet rest.


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