Los árabes se van de vacaciones, ¿son familiares?

арабы, мужчины, гарем

In any popular Arab resort, which has become a favorite place for our compatriots, there are arrogant Arabs who speak Russian well. It's very good that they own, but if they stood in shops and opened their mouths when they are asked about something ... In fact, when you stroll through the streets of the resort, from all sides you begin to yell in your face or back, about like before in the markets (and sometimes sometimes there is) something like "Hey brother, come on, buy a T-shirt, perfume, souvenirs, discount ladies" or try to joke "Come on, smoke." The number of phrases they have is quite diverse, it can even be funny to hear "Buy shmotyo for your spinogryzov", but you smile for the first couple of days, then it starts to enrage terribly! Especially when they begin to build their proposals with a lot of Russian mat. That's taught ... pancake! At first I was even very interested in the question of how they know that I'm Russian, what is written on my face? Began to ask everyone and the answer was to the banality is simple. The main tourist flow to Turkey and Egypt) when it was still open to Russians) comes from Russia and therefore they act more at random, although intuition also exists. After a couple of days of rest, try to avoid the mini-markets and a cluster of shops, so as not to listen to all this. But they are everywhere!

Not only in the places of sales of something, but also on the way to the beach and close to the hotels. Taxi drivers slow down and ask not to give a lift ... how good that in Russia there is very little, or you can go mad. This is roughly like a situation when you come to look at a technique or a new mobile phone and you are surrounded by sellers with the question "Suggest, something?" If you encounter such situations, simply ignore or pretend that you do not understand Russian. Quickly fall behind or try in other languages, for example English ... On this I have everything, see you soon!...


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