Top 10 best cities for tourism in Russia

Крым, города для туризма, туризм в России

1. Number one on our list is nice and everyone's favorite city on the Neva River - St. Petersburg. Beauty St. Petersburg is situated on the beautiful confluence of the Neva River in the Gulf of Finland. This city on the right is called the "Cultural Capital of Russia", because it contains all the pearls of world architecture itself: the Winter Palace, the Kazan Cathedral, Catherine Palace, Peterhof, and more. The State Hermitage Museum and the State "Russian Museum" exhibited the greatest collections of paintings. For lovers of the nightlife the city demonstrates the variety of interesting restaurants and nightclubs.

2. Number two, it's certainly the capital - Moscow.

Moscow - is not only a historical, political and business center of Russia, but also a city of contrasts. Here, clearly and vividly traced the intersection of ancient and modern. The business card of Moscow - the Kremlin and Red Square, it is with these places all begins. Beautiful St. Basil's Cathedral, Lenin's Mausoleum. Not far from the Kremlin is the chief state Christ the Savior Cathedral. Climb to the Sparrow Hills and experience all the grandeur of a great state capital. Immerse yourself in the world of modern Moscow, develop and stroll through the trendy shops, or watch the locals at Pushkin Square.

3. On the left bank of the Volga city of Kazan located decorum. Since ancient times, this city was a trading intermediary between the East and the West. Kazan Kremlin, which has concluded a: Kul-Sharif Mosque and Annunciation Cathedral, Spasskaya Tower, Syuyumbike - This is a popular tourist destination.

4. Yekaterinburg called "the capital of the Urals." City is conveniently located in the area of the Middle Urals, where the main transport routes from Central Russia to Siberia. Today Ekaterinburg provides a link between the European and Asian parts of the country. Tourists intellectuals loved this city because of the large number of museums, libraries and theaters.

5. Distant and a tiny part of Russia - Kaliningrad is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Before World War II the city was called Königsberg, after settling his Russian renamed. This land, in all ages famous for the beautiful ornaments made of amber, as the territory of Kaliningrad are the largest reserves of this mineral in the world. The main attraction is the Cathedral of Koenigsberg.

6. Many beautiful historical monuments are concentrated in Nizhny Novgorod. Made of red brick Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin, monasteries in medieval style, stone cathedrals and futuristic planetarium. The mixture of cultures, times and technology looks so harmoniously that attracts people. Therefore, tourists who have visited here, be sure to come back again.

7. An important transport and industrial center of Russia - Samara. Here is the Samara State Aerospace University, which has become one of the first universities in the country to work in the field of innovation in the space sector. In this town you can visit the theater or go to the concert, as well as try out the most popular products of Samara: beer, chocolate and vodka.

8. Krasnoyarsk Territory and the same name is very famous and popular among climbers seeking to conquer new peaks. The reserve "Pillars" are impressive formation of granite, which are great for climbing. These unique natural formations, by the way, included in the List of World Heritage in Russia.

9. Irkutsk was founded in the middle of the XVII century. as a winter settlement for merchants as well as for the tax collectors and tax. City for many years been a haven and a cultural center for the exiled people. Now Irkutsk - is the largest and most important city in Siberia, near Lake Baikal which is great.

10. Sochi - it is amazing combination of beauty of the mountain ranges and sea spaces. City arboretum with beautiful exotic plants and amusement park "Riviera" - is the most popular local attractions. The largest resort city in Russia in 2014 will also host the Winter Olympic Games.


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