Temporary home for your friend how to choose the right hotel for pets?

Temporary home for your friend how to choose the right hotel for pets?

There has come the holiday season, and you do not know to whom to leave your four-footed friend. What to do in this situation? With a take a pet, you can not leave the house too, one can not, it remains to find a temporary home for your friend.

Overexposure, hotel for pets, so can be called a temporary home of your pet. Hotel for animals - this is the place, where the period of your vacation, you can leave your pet under the supervision of qualified professionals, where there will be the necessary care and care for him.

The main criteria when choosing a temporary home for your pet:

1. Placement. The room should be spacious, clean, bright and cozy. Each "guest" should be a separate "room" large cage or enclosure so that animals can not interfere with each other. The room temperature should be comfortable, and it should be well ventilated. At the hotel should be a special place for dog walking.

2. The requirement for animals. When placing the animal in a hotel, the experts should conduct a visual inspection of your pet, ask the veterinary passport and the availability of vaccines.

3. Diet. Ask how often and how power will be fed by the animal and whether it is possible to bring the hotel food, which usually eats pet.

4. Guarantees. Calmer for you to sign an agreement with the hotel, which will specify the duration of your stay, diet, conditions of detention, frequency of walking and much more. Make sure the contract shall specify the cost of hotel accommodation and four-footed friend's payment terms.

5. Provision of veterinary care. Ask in advance whether it is possible veterinary care is available and whether there are qualified professionals.

6. Karma hotel. Read reviews, read through the forums and chat with friends.

7. The cost of services. The high price - it is not always a guarantee that will be produced by proper care and it is to be comfortable for your pet. Therefore the price - not the most important criterion in choosing a hotel.

Prepare for the fact that the behavior of your pet after a visit to the hotel, may change, it may become a little fearful and distrustful, but do not panic after 2-5 days, all will pass.

Select hotel is not an easy task, but after studying our recommendations, they will help you make the right decision when choosing a hotel. Do not forget, after a long time with your pet, treat it with something tasty and give him your attention, care and affection.


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