Relax on the Crimea peninsula

Relax on the Crimea peninsula

Black and Azov seas, uncontaminated and salubrious air, good climate, magnificent nature, at any time of the year, all made of Crimea "all-union health resort". Excursions in the Crimea - is an integral part of the holiday. They will help to join the history of this land. Local tour operators require a lot of reviews and topical excursions for all ages and interests. A significant part of the tourist route - a historical and archaeological sites. They are located in large cities and near the small resort towns and villages. In addition to objects created by talented ancestors, Crimean residents can learn about the amazing nature of the peninsula. Implement a sea voyage, or hiking in the mountains. There are variations of pilgrimage trips to the holy sites of different religions.

The most famous sight-seeing activities.

attractions Fans can take a survey and thematic trips. The more popular - routes on foot through the largest Crimean capital: Yalta, Sevastopol and Feodosiya. Another popular option - car and bus trips. They are more expensive, but this option allows you to see all the sights and monuments. In addition, since much safer to travel in a sultry time of the day.

Among the most popular tourist destinations, is the southern coast of Crimea, where many ancient temples, old forts, palaces preserved. Where you can find a review site with beautiful panoramic sights of the surrounding area. Get introduced to places that will remain in memory and photographs, this marble caves and volcanoes, Great Crimean Canyon, the wonderful waterfalls and Mount Ai-Petri.

Excursion in Yalta, which combines pedestrian and transport part is from 3 to 6 thousand. Rub. During the tour you can see the magnificent park Vorontsov Palace, the famous "Swallow's Nest" and Mount Ai-Petri. Sevastopol Tour lasts up to five hours. Its cost to 4 ths. Rubles for 8 people. Here you can see the beautiful bay, walk along the main streets, to get acquainted with the ancient history of this city sometimes heroic, reminiscent of the Great Patriotic War.

Tour "Golden Ring Mountain Crimea" captures most of the day, is worth up to 15 thousand. Rubles. During the trip you can enjoy the most magnificent mountain scenery, famous for souvenirs.


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