Cradle of luxury - Vienna

Cradle of luxury - Vienna

Among the hundreds of European cities, the capital of Austria stands out for its strict grandeur, truly imperial decoration of streets and buildings. Vienna - the personification of the classic waltz, with the smell of fresh pastries and hot coffee. Here, no one is in a hurry, but never late. Therefore, be patient - quickness of waiters in a restaurant you will not see, but the service is always on top. In Vienna, there is no concept of "off-season": in winter you can enjoy the New Year's decorations and snow on the roofs of spring - enjoy the flowering trees in the numerous parks, summer warm evenings - walking through the green alleys, affecting its cleanliness and neatness, and in the autumn drink cocoa warming on the street and enjoy the coolness.

Home Austrian history put the Celts, and for a long time the territory was subjected to attacks of the Romans, aggressive Ottoman Turks, culture captured many traditions of different peoples, but, despite the difficult fate, Austria and in particular Vienna, it is considered one of the safest places in Europe . It may be safely walk down the street late at night even in residential districts.

Waking up, you can go for morning coffee confectioner Gerstner (Karntner Strasse 13-15), then visit one of the many parks, for example, is famous for its fountains Folksgartner or admire the monument to Mozart in another park Burggarten. After the park in the midday heat, you can go to the art museum or the imperial armory. Later in the afternoon, tourists rent one of the bikes, which can be found in the castle at the wrought-iron fences. On a bicycle, you can find a phone number, which should be called on to pay rent by credit card. Enough to roll and enjoy the views, the bike is left at any convenient location. If suddenly it starts to rain - do not worry, free umbrella can be found in a stand on the street - the Austrians are so decent that he never arrogated to themselves the municipal property.

If you are traveling with children or just a big noisy company will suit you the Prater park, part of which is occupied by video games, game halls, machine guns and numerous attractions: roller coasters, the sinister caves, shooting range. The greatest delight of children leads a small train with these diesel engines. Another part of the famous park is covered with trees and lawns.

You can not miss the opportunity to visit the Children's Museum of the Schönbrunn castle: here the little time travelers to become true kings and queens, learn all about the life of their peers blue blood, will play the king's toys, an example of the mantle and princess dresses.

It is worth mentioning the Museum Time Travel VIENNA, which is essentially a historical show, during which you will find yourself in the thick centuries, visit at the reception of the most influential historical figures.

In the evening you can go to dinner at a restaurant, for example, in Dstrikt Steakhouse with its excellent cuisine, or less pathetic Mozart's with no less delicious and beautiful interior.

A great many attractions awaiting you in the Austrian capital!

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