Jamaica, a country that is located on the eponymous island located in the Caribbean Sea. It has a small footprint, it is the capital city of Kingston.

On the north coast of Jamaica is very rocky, but in the center there are long sandy beaches, looking at which we can say that this is a paradise. On the south and west coast stretch broad lowlands. Not uncommon on the island and there are earthquakes. But they are not very dangerous, sometimes even attract fans of extreme sensations.

The main industrial and commercial center of Jamaica is its capital. Excellent infrastructure seaport located in the city, allows you to take a good number of vessels and thus provides trade both internal and external. Together with the neighboring towns of the capital forms the so-called "union", which is home to a quarter of the island's population. Visiting Kingston is possible to obtain different emotions from the sightseeing of the city, a variety of historical and art museums, as well as a prime location to visit where once lived the legendary man-Bob Marley.

Twenty years ago, on this island inhabited only 3000 people. The ancestors of today's Jamaicans are considered people from different corners of the planet, which in ancient times created the so-called mixed families. The official language is called English, but in a residential people speak language convenient for them, as most people call in to the island from other countries.

Jamaican cuisine is rich for its exquisite cuisine. Here you can experience all the flavors from the acute to the sour-sweet. Food is cooked in special plates that bring to the streets for several hours. Any dish dressed with various herbs and spices. Present specially designated restaurants with vegetarian options, as well as a large number of Italian restaurants with excellent cooks. Fans will be able to see the fruits of unique shapes and sizes of exotic species that grow only on this island. Of course it is worth remembering about the national drink Yamayki- rum. Liter bottles of excellent rum costs about $ 4. Fans of this drink can go to a tour of the factory which produced more than 10 kinds of rum. The ability to taste fresh or aged rum included in the price.

Yamayka- is a very interesting island, which is to spend a few days of his life. Enjoy the palm trees, nature and the sea. Arrange a wonderful holiday, which will help to relax and give the opportunity to enjoy all the beauty of the surrounding world.


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