Wroclaw. What to see, where to go. Poland

Wroclaw. What to see, where to go. Poland

Do you like the dwarves as they love the people of Wroclaw? If so, then be sure to include this city in your itinerary, traveling to Poland. It is unlikely that you should stay here for a week. Enough for a couple of days, to quickly see the sights and experience the fantastic atmosphere of the place. But if you like to do things slowly, you will also be sure to fall in love with this town.


Let's go back to the gnomes. They are everywhere in Wroclaw! Bronze figurines of fantastic creatures meet you at the station, look out over the sidewalk, "descend" on lampposts. The main tourist attractions - to find all the gnomes with a special card. Try it and you! Just try not to trip over them and do not hurt yourself.


Wroclaw is also called the city of 100 bridges, it is situated on 12 islands, which are connected by just a hundred bridges.


Getting acquainted with the sights, visit the market square, where often arrange concerts where the luxury fountain rate building of the old Town Hall, rest a while in the Botanical Garden with a broken it Japanese garden. We recommend to pay special attention to Christian holy sites in the territory of city-church of St. Elisabeth, St. John the Baptist, Church of the Holy Cross, Church of Our Lady on the Sand. By the way, the majority of councils are on the Tumski island where hovers special power.


If you are interested in history, buy a ticket to the Raclawice Panorama, a walk around Ksiaz Castle.


Hearty and inexpensive meal in Wroclaw you can in a cafe Kurna Chata. There can be and eat, and get acquainted with Polish cuisine. By the way, there are huge portions, so do not order too much at once. It is also popular with tourists, and the following "delicious" places: pizza Margherita, a restaurant Siesta Trattoria, cafes Spiz. Cafe Konspira and others.


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