Guinea: Visa, attractions

Guinea: Visa, attractions

The Republic of Guinea has a special flavor and is situated in the western part of Africa. Guinea Coast gently caressing waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Over the years, Guinea was a colony of France and it is one of the reasons why there are markedly pronounced influence of Europe. The general public of Guinea is known for its special arid savannas, impenetrable jungle, where, of course, need a machete, and all this close to the concrete jungle cities. Only in the middle of the last century gave France the independence of the country and in the following year received the support of Guinea, as well as assistance in the development of democracy from the United States.


Whether you have a visa to Guinea, then you will appreciate the relief and climatic characteristics of the country. Most of the territory is covered by mountains of Guinea, however, their height and lack of two thousand meters. Many plateau occupied their territory in the heart of Ghana. Multiple hills alternate with lowland areas, and the highest point is the Mount Nimba.


The climate is sub-equatorial Guinea, with a pronounced change of dry and wet seasons. The summers are humid and last about three to five months in the north, at the same time in the south and summer can last up to ten months. It is very pronounced rainy seasons. The average air temperature near the coast up to thirty degrees, somewhere around twenty-seven, but in the interior regions of the country the temperature in the region of twenty-five degrees, but at a time when the Sahara blow dry with the wind, the temperature rises to thirty-eight degrees.




When it comes to Guinea, some imagine an ordinary village, with low clay houses, the lack of running water and the people who still wear a loincloth. However, all is not the case. Instead of low rise buildings are very tall skyscrapers, houses, running water suitable for drinking, and some local fashionistas can only envy. In the capital, there are many international companies and museums. You can go to explore the local attractions. The most popular resorts are located near the capital. Ile-de-Los are only twelve kilometers from the capital and is a beautiful beach, with excellent infrastructure and all kinds of water sports. However, the main asset of Guinea - it's her nature. Amazing waterfall Bafara fascinates at first sight. Magnificent Pohorje Fuyama offer people waiting for the alloy. You can go on a tour of the sad "road slaves" and learn about the problem of slavery in Guinea.


Visa to Guinea


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