Switzerland - the country watches and banks

Switzerland - the country watches and banks

In Europe, there is a wonderful place with its beautiful and unique nature, as well as the highest standard of living and culture. Every tourist caught in Switzerland would have to see 10 of the most unique attractions in this country.

1. Symbol of Switzerland - Matterhorn mountain, is the highest peak of the glacier in the famous Alps. Its rugged slopes make attractive to climbers from around the world. Here are the most popular ski resorts not only Shvetsarii, but the whole of Europe.

2. Ancient castles of Bellinzona - made up of medieval fortifications such as the Grande, and Montebollo SassoKorbaro. Lovers and connoisseurs of medieval castles will appreciate the data structures according to your taste.

3. Old Town Bern attract the attention of tourists, who are lovers of different styles of buildings and architectural forms. In this city you can find a variety of directions in architecture.

4. In the city of Lucerne, you can see the oldest bridge in Europe, chapel bridge kapellbrücke. It was built in the 14th century and well preserved to this day.

5. Chillon Castle 11th century on the banks of Lake Geneva, is the inspiration for various poets, architects, sculptors and artists at different times. His general appearance and the landscape of the lake and the snow-capped Alps, making it truly unique in its kind.

6. Climb by cable car to the summit of Mount Pilatus and look at the stunning view while on a specially constructed cable car in the world - the dream of every tourist who wants to climb the Alps.

7. Gate Shpalentorn in Basel - is preserved to this day part of the fortifications of Basel 14th century, it is part of the architectural genius of medieval Basel. Greatness Gate Shpalentorn remains in memory for a lifetime of who first saw them.

8. For lovers of medieval cathedrals have in Switzerland, but rather in Zurich Grossmunster Cathedral, which was built back in 1220.

9. A huge clock tower, which was fire and guard tower and prison called Tsiglogge, and it is located in the heart of the city of Bern. Tsiglogge is a legacy of the 13th century and reminds us of the fabulous clock tower from all known to us from childhood fairy tales.

10. UN Palais des Nations in Geneva - is the center of world diplomacy, is held annually more than 6000 different levels of negotiations, world global issues are resolved.


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