Recreation Samara: Ah, Samara - the town of ...

Recreation Samara: Ah, Samara - the town of ...

What do you know about this ancient Russian city? Most people can only remember that it is somewhere on the Volga, and ... and everything. Someone ate Samara products, someone knows that the area is the city where the release of VAZ cars, but it is unlikely it can somehow help.


Nevertheless, the area is rich in places, places of interest. Samu Samara can be called one of the cultural centers of the Volga region.


Not long ago, the city is also called Kuibyshev after the figure of the Soviet epoch. In honor of him in the town square is named. A stay here is, even if you have settled on the outskirts of and need to get here. The architecture looks very nice.

Tourist places in Samara and region


Samara - tourist region. This does not just people traveling along the Volga. There are many interesting places, natural sites, which have become very attractive to travelers and fans of eco-tourism.


In the area of ​​a lot of different bases and systems built, where you can stop at any time of the year. Believe me, winter is no less beautiful than in summer.


If you are not a fan of concrete walls, you should leave the area. In virtually every area here has a good location and a very decent hostel.


• Try your luck. After all, it is the name of the base, located in the village of Bestuzhevka Volga region. Tourist center "Luck" attracts anglers from all over the country. From the city this place is 160 kilometers. There is a good cafe with reasonable prices. There are boats and yachts rental, sports equipment. Summer offers bike trails, and winter walks on skis or snowmobiles. The territory has a tennis court, volleyball court, pool, sauna. Excursions on the river routes.

• Do not want to go so far? Then welcome to the base "Manor in Tsarevschina". This ride is only 30 km. So you do not even notice how will appear on the site, among the beautiful houses, buried in greenery. Located in the village of Volzhsky base. It is a modern hotel complex with comfortable rooms, excellent infrastructure, and not less than pleasant staff. You can not just stop for a rest, but also to go to the bath, barbecue. For special occasions there is a large banquet hall.


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