Frankfurt - the financial stronghold of Europe.

Frankfurt - the financial stronghold of Europe.

Frankfurt though is in Germany, but they say here in English, and all because of the earnings come here all and sundry. It is in the local banks flock to finance not only from Germany but also from all over Europe. At first glance the city may seem boring, German right. But if you look inside, the first impression will vanish.

Modern skyscrapers are organically combined with ancient churches and cathedrals, are required to visit the Church of St. Paul, and Frankfurt Cathedral, here you can feel the spirit of that same Germany as 300-400 years ago.

The most famous skyscraper in Frankfurt called "pencil" because it has narrowed closer to the shape of the roof. Tourists in this city a bit, mostly people come here on a mission to address important financial challenges and tasks.

Frankfurt is also a major transport hub in the country, here is the airport from which flights are performed in almost all points of the world from America to Australia, and the largest railway hub of the country. Word of the «city» can be called the heart of Germany.

Through the Main River passes is another attraction of the city - Frankfurt Bridge, and beside it is an amusement park, where a Ferris wheel, you can see much of the city.

Another place worth visiting this place called the Römerberg Square, just around the complex of historic buildings.

In the city of the sea, you will not find, but you can find a park but the fauna, in which plants grow brought virtually all climatic zones, greenhouse area 9000ga is called the Palmengarten. To travel here, you will need to obtain a visa in the Schengen area, which allows travel not only for Germany but for all countries that have signed the Schengen Agreement.

As for nightlife, you will find entertainment for all tastes and pretentious clubs and restaurants on the roof of a skyscraper, and the good old German pubs and taverns. Wild and hot dances till the morning, cabaret shows, all this makes the nightlife in Frankfurt bright and saturated. After carbon monoxide overnight, many places offer after party, for relaxing and calming.

City burghers and fiery youth, Frankfurt, waiting for the country's culture lovers, gourmets for enjoying the local cuisine, and of course your finances spending money in this bag Europe.


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