Hitachi Park - land of flowers.

Hitachi Park - land of flowers.

Due to the unique, colorful and unforgettable spectacular view overlooking (changes every season) Hitachi fleet is one of the visited tourist attractions of Japan. It attracts visitors all year round from near and far abroad.

Why it is called earth colors?

Hitachi Park - Japanese State Park, located on the Pacific coast in the city hitachinaka in Ibaraki Prefecture. On the area of ​​3.5 thousand hectares. He gathered in the scenic picture on the hills and meadows of the countryside are some of the most charming representatives of the natural flora. His many intersecting alleys, winding from one end to meet at the top of the slope dominating Miharashi-no Oka, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Part of the charm of the Hitachi fleet, its color schemes. Like a chameleon, each season it takes on a different, but always fascinating look and feel of a colorful view. One of the most attractive and especially peace species guests enjoy the beginning of summer, when Miharashi-no Oka, covered by a blue colored carpet and nemofily - a period called the local "Nemofilovaya harmony". Another masterpiece of gardening - rows of neatly trimmed and carefully cultivated, more than 36,000 orange, green and rose bushes kohii that replaced nemofily the hill, and along with millions of devices stems form the autumn park outfit. In their honor even arrange Carnival, during which visitors can dive into the sea of ​​shrubs and flowers, and try some of the delicious local dishes. cosmos grow nearby. Do not forget, and 170 species of tulips in the garden Tamago-no Mori, arranged like rows of colorful flower beds, the largest outdoor flower garden of the world - Kokenhof in the Netherlands, which do not cease to shake his head bright even in the winter. In the midst of a colorful flower arrangements placed a small copy of the windmill, the Europeans felt, both on its territory.

Also, no less magnificent are millions of daffodils, beautiful bloom, among fragrant pine forests. Like hundreds of other types of flowers (lavender, roses, cherry trees, etc.), covering the territory of the Park Hitachi, as a colorful blanket that carry the smell of many kilometers.


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