Express tour of Prague

Express tour of Prague

Prague - one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are plenty of places to see for every tourist. Otherwise it makes no sense to go to Prague.

A detailed history of the Powder Tower, St. Vitus Cathedral, the Old Town Hall, Prague Castle and other places tell any other local guide. We also offer a short list of sightseeing places of the Czech capital.

So, the first number of the list - it Hradcany Square. It is located near the Prague Castle. There is a working kerosene street lamp of the XIX century, plague column "Marian Column" in 1726 and several palaces of the XVI century. Simply put - a medieval secession. Also, here it is a popular terrace with a beautiful view of the Old Town and Prague "Eiffel Tower", acting teleradiovyshku.

The very old Prague castle famous for its cathedral of St. Vitus middle of the XIII century, height 124 meters. Every tourist is required to be taken to the corner of the area to be able to completely take a view of the cathedral. It is such a feature tour.

Next we are moving in the Old Town Square. Before the eyes of the Church of the Mother of God appears, or the Tyn Church, from which once Walt Disney drew famous logo of the company. Just a fairy tale.

In general, this area is famous for more than the Old Town Hall, but in fact it is not even, and its medieval clock. And for good reason, because the clock is not simple, and astronomical. In addition to the current time it shows all that is possible - what year, month or day; when rising and setting of the Sun and the Moon. Even the signs of the zodiac. Just like in "Children of spies", just at hand, they will not fit. The clock placed allegorical figures of the deadly sins, various socially important professions and death. Clockmaker stopped his creation before his own death in order not to reveal the secret of this mechanism. But now everything is working. And they beat every fifteen minutes - every tourist can see and enjoy the process. Other details in the guide.

Well, the most popular tourist destination - the Charles Bridge, founded by Charles IV in 1357 9.07 at 5:31. Got Magic? It was to last longer. Architect with the same astrologer reached their.

Legend has it that for the same reason, the architect said, adding a mixture of stone and sand even eggs (up to the XIX century they were added to strengthen the mortar - this contributed to a protein). And even the king issued a decree to bring in capital as much as possible of this kind.

In general, the Charles Bridge, and so you see, so we advise you to be distracted and pay attention to the small building to the left of the bridge. This small yellow cafe - morgue. The Czechs love the sense of humor. Previously, this building was the morgue, but now it serves very tasty and quite expensive coffee. And from the firm - lovely cakes in the form of a coffin. they are called "trunochky" The people. Very cute, is not it?

In general, Prague - a very interesting city. We have listed only the most popular places to visit. Everything else tourists have to seek and explore by yourself. Happy Travel!


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