Activities in Serbia

Activities in Serbia

The peninsula Ada Ciganlija - a favorite vacation spot for tourists and Serbs. The artificial lake is 4 km long peninsula is decorated. There are great places for sports, especially in summer, when there are going to more than 300,000 people. Beach equipped, has all the necessary infrastructure.


Numerous volleyball, football, tennis courts, boat rentals and water bikes, attract citizens. A great number of restaurants and cafes are willing to accept for the feast guests, hungry after swimming.


Tourist train ride ready vacationers around the lake and to demonstrate all the neighborhood.




Grand Duke Milos decided at the time that control the guns, much safer away from guns. He built the estate in the valley of the river Topchiderskoy, where he settled in 1830.


It was the favorite residence of the prince, where he died well. After that, the estate has become a resort destination. Now here come on the tour. There grows a giant plane tree, planted during the construction of the house for guests. tree coverage is nearly 8 meters.


Behind the tree is a temple dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul. It was built by Prince Milos for their pleasures and needs.




Wooded hilly place. Once there was a private hunting territory, which came close to the Obrenovic dynasty. There were many female deer.


To the south there is a sports center "košutnjak" with facilities for various types of mass sports, as well as five outdoor and indoor swimming pools.


Star Museum Crvena


It is a museum of one of the football clubs in Serbia. It opened in 1985. There are kept sacred cups and sports trophies, posters, photographs.



This is an exclusive and the most expensive residential area. Here lie the most expensive luxury villas, surrounded by the spreading trees. Here are the residences of diplomatic missions.


Particular attention is paid to the magnificent buildings of the Old and New Royal Household. Construction was begun by King Alexander Karadjordjevic. Later, authorities expropriated palaces. Who lives there prestonaslednik Alexander with his family.


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