Winter is the perfect time of year for a holiday. Rest in the winter does not involve the beach, sun, sea, if you stay in Russia. The most extreme. Mobile and do not forget to rest at the ski resort. Who has not seen the mountains, I did not see the nature of their country.

The most popular holiday in Russia in the winter is a vacation on Mount Azau. Few people know that it was called Azau Elbrus. It is a mountain in the republic of North Ossetia in the North Caucasus. Azau the highest mountain in all of Europe. Earlier, on the site of Elbrus it was a volcano, which was subsequently extinguished.

At the top of the mountain two, western and eastern. In sunny weather from the highest point of Mount Elbrus can be seen Nalchik, Grozny, Vladikavkaz. Just imagine, the distance by road between Grozny and Vladikavkaz, about 85 km away, and on top of the mountain you can see the Terrible as if he had at the foot of the mountain.

Its dangerous slopes covered with snow blanket will not leave anyone indifferent. Therefore, tourists who go here on vacation, be sure to take along a ski equipment.

Currently, the most popular resort in North Ossetia Elbrus is Bezengi. Number of visitors this resort by tourists in the past few years has shot up by 3-4 times.

Ski resorts in the Elbrus region are represented by two ski runs - Elbrus and Chegem, slowness, which is about 35 km.

To go for a vacation to Elbrus can be with children. There is no higher ski slope, which is equipped lift. Just a great advantage can be called that there are instructors who will teach your children to ski.

The infrastructure is not well developed, but all the flaws block the magnificent nature, clean air.

Lodging is available at the Azau glade, where there is a modern hotel. More economical class housing will be captured by private traders. You can opt to Elbrus village Tegenekli. Are these settlements on virtually the same remoteness, about 10-12 km from the mountain itself. Accommodation with 2 meals a day. On the territory there are restaurants, bathhouses. Therefore, connoisseurs will find one of their own.

The cost of the holiday will be from 1500 to 3000 rubles per day.

The choice is yours!


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