The cleanest city in Europe

The cleanest city in Europe

Residents in modern Europe do not have large territories and free accommodation. Their cities occupy a relatively small space in length. Growing the European population as a result of experiencing discomfort pollution from various industrial and household waste. But at the same time to many tourists is evident pedantic purity of European street belonging to the city of the Old World. And it's little wonder as to respect the cleanliness of studying here since childhood. Each year in Europe, a competition for the title of the cleanest cities in which to win a debt of honor. In 2015, the absolute leader among the contestants was the city of Zurich in Switzerland

Ideal as a way of life for many of the city, who have participated in this competition, presented a serious application for a victory, but Zurich took the lead on two indicators: air quality and innovation in the infrastructure of environmentally friendly vehicles .Pyaterka leaders

One of the most respected organizations in Europe today - is the Committee on Environmental Protection. In this regard, all the contestants are proud of their performance: The following position is after Zurich and Copenhagen. The capital of Denmark won an honorable place three times for a high level of purity in the water system, where tap water can be drunk in the truest sense.

Third place belongs to Vienna. The Austrians got bronze for the preservation of architectural traditions of past eras expressed in a unique style, and for the high level of cleanliness in the streets bright coloring of interiors popular among the Swedish population is reflected in her love for their cleanliness and order for which the capital of Sweden, Stockholm honorable fourth place was awarded.

Germany has long been associated as a kind of synonym for well-established working mechanism. The character of German is an essential attribute of pedantry and thoroughness. What can not but lead to the perfect order in the streets of Berlin, who took fifth place last

In their desires the inhabitants of old Europe seems willing to do anything to save your house the way it was bequeathed to their forefathers. The struggle for environmental conservation has been simmering for a moment. One of the major achievements is the use of unique energy-saving technologies for the construction of public housing with environmentally friendly materials. Promotion of public transport with a high level of eco - security and certainly an important place in this struggle takes recycling. To this end, in Europe many years ago we used a garbage separation system erected Recycling plants for reprocessing. Even as a vehicle to preserve the environment, many wealthy residents of Old Europe prefer bicycles.


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