The lake is the Zyuratkul heaven.

The lake is the Zyuratkul heaven.

In the Chelyabinsk region, 210 kilometers from the regional center is Zyuratkul National Park, which is translated from the Bashkir means "heavenly lake". It is located on the border of the taiga and forest-steppe zone in length it extends to 57 kilometers wide by 24 kilometers. The park has many unique monuments of nature. One of them is a relic Elm Grove, the most northern border of this European tree. In the mid-seventies on the slopes of one of the peaks, quite by accident, it was discovered geoglyphs. Geoglyph is the inlaid stones and clay giant loop, inverted image moose. Cult purpose of this facility is not installed, you can see it in the summer, with one of the viewing platforms located on the slopes of the ridge.

Another attraction is Zyurtkulya pyatnadtsatimetrovy fountain, formed as a result of drilling wells that have penetrated into the underground river. Particularly impressive fountain looks in winter, every year is different. You can also visit the hot key, the water is icy, but its bottom bubbles rise as if someone had it boils.

Many hiking and horse trails of the National Park lead to the crater of an extinct volcano, where a very small area found rocks seventy names.

The lake Zyuratkul beautiful free fishing. But fans of fishing can fish for money in one of the ponds, called "Orgasm fisherman", is home to carp, trout, sturgeon. Novice fishermen can take advantage of the services of an instructor and rent of passion.

Arriving at Zyuratkul, you can stay in one of the nearby towns or to the recreation of the same name. The park offers 15 hiking and horse riding trails, most of which are technically available for even the most physically untrained people. It created the conditions for families with children. It offers tourists a petting zoo, which contains: a bear, a camel, deer and moose calf. You can feed the deer and moose with hands, which certainly will be interesting to children and will help them adapt to the world of nature. At the recreation center horseback riding and dog sledding. In winter, there operates a skating rink, it laid a good ski run, organized skiing tubing.

Visit Zyuratkul at any time of the year, and winter and summer its guests majestic positive energy, the Ural nature and taken away with a good mood.


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