Prague - a beautiful and amazing

Prague - a beautiful and amazing

Prague - a beautiful and amazing

Those who wish to switch from the bustle, without the assistance of a stick charodeystvennoy carried away from the noisy present in a fantastic place - even the way to Prague. She has many names. For some, Prague - fantastic for the other - a blissful, treasure it is Europe and its timid heart. Prague names besides Hundred Spires, the truth eventually towers in the Czech capital are much greater.

Longtime town prefers not hurry. Walking through its streets, cobbled bruschatnikom necessary without haste. Former building with rather narrow spiers on the roof, Gothic fortress captivate for a moment imagine that the distant past come alive. However, the sound of the road once again return to reality.

Each traveler will undoubtedly have to visit the Charles bridge, to find themselves in the middle of the world and enjoy a place where there is no negative energy. Just these phrases said about the famous bridge of the Dalai Lama, told here a quarter century ago. When the bridge looks unnatural light mysteriously, the very air is saturated with mysticism. It is said that desire is conceived here, be realized.

Romer interest the traveler's own unusually large clock. Every hour, the bell sounds the sound of death, the windows appear the apostles, after intense noise sounds cockerel. Below you can not see what time it demonstrates the arrow need to stand on a tower of the ancient Town Hall. Sitting in a coffee shop "Milena", just so beloved girl called Franz Kafka, you can

enjoy a particularly attractive view of the clock.

Stroll through Prague institutions, where it is allowed to eat, and very entertaining. Taste the local cuisine, famous baked veprevo knee and ribs in honey, to find out where appetizing cook dumplings, drink a glass of Czech beer - is not fun for the weary wanderer.

Many pilgrims do not like travel tours, believing that limits their freedom of movement, and choose to run through the town with a guide in the handles. As a matter of fact in a magnificent and mysterious capital of the Czech Republic attractions across at any step. However, almost all the estimated trip just for the opportunity to acquire detailed information. Trips assumes a lot. Those who loves to tickle nerves themselves, they call on the evening tour in Prague with a visit to villages, obveyavshih fables. Optimists say that you can even meet a ghost. Walks on the boat on the Vltava River, going-over fortresses, squares will drive to the fact that Prague does not want to leave. A return to this amazing town will want to fail!


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