When planning a vacation, everyone wants to have a good rest, and that it was not very expensive. In recent years, tourists choose European countries. One of these countries is not high-priced Greece, so it is the most visited. But it is not only in the low budget - this country is rich in sights and great beaches.


The capital of Greece - Athens - an architectural monument of culture of this country. The most visited place in Athens - the Acropolis, the famous ancient temples, one of them the Temple of Poseidon.


Crete - the embodiment of ancient Greece, with many attractions. This is the best Mediterranean resort. Knossos - the ancient city, where a huge cluster of architectural structures. Palace of Knossos - the most important historical value of this city. According to legend, Daedalus built it for King Minos. This magnificent, in its construction, the building consists of 5 floors. Also there is an underground labyrinth in which the Minotaur lived. This adds some mystery to this mythical structure.

Rhodes Island

Another island that is worth a visit. It is famous for the Castle of the Knights, built in the 14th century. This castle is not only a monument of architecture, helping to plunge in the times of knights, but still there is a large collection of antiquities.


Mount Olympus for tourists will be interested in their descriptions. According to legend lived Greek gods on the mountain. Before travelers beautiful views of the landscapes of Greece.

Delphi Theater.

Delphi - the ancient Greek city, which houses the Temple of Apollo located at the Mount Parnassus. The ancient Greeks were frequent visitors to the temple, where they could learn the will of the gods, on their lives. On the territory of Delphi theater, there are many statues of ancient athletes. The amphitheater has retained its primeval. Watching its stone walls, you can imagine the gladiatorial battles inflamed passion and fury of the crowd.

In addition to the architectural monuments of Greece is a resort with wonderful beaches, for which carefully watch the locals. Their purity and beauty you can only envy. Clear blue water in the sea, warm sand - beauty and tranquility.


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