What is better to choose an apartment or hotel room?

шикарные квартиры, квартиры посуточно

If you have never rented an apartment, maybe in front of you it will be a question of how it is beneficial, safe and generally appropriate. Today the market of daily rent is well developed in almost all over the world and get this information on the Internet would be easy enough. You can compare the advantages and the minutes of such a choice on their own or take advantage of some articles and tips. Experts in the daily rent, as well as in the hotel industry recommend all carefully check, consider, find out before you go on your trip.

1. In the large hotels of places for outdoor activities and to maintain the body in a healthy shape, beauty salon, fitness clubs, entertainment centers, clubs, shops.

2. Also, the benefits of hotels include the presence of security and surveillance cameras, which are provided for your safety (although for some people, it will still be drawbacks, because they want to remain "invisible", but is not on display dozens of eyes).

3. Have some hotels cents business, providing you with computers, gadgets and free internet if necessary.

Besides some advantages hotel accommodation has its drawbacks:

1. Higher cost of hotel rooms in comparison to the apartment rented for a few days.

2. Lack of home appliances for cooking, which significantly exceeds your expenses compared to if you cook food in the apartment.

3. Problems with a visit to your guest room. Do not always go to the reception to meet you and let strangers into your room.

What distinguishes the short-term accommodation to rent an apartment for rent from the hotel or the hotel?

1. Feelings of warmth and comfort of home, because Most hotel rooms are in the same style.

2. a much lower price compared to hotel rooms

3. The presence of household appliances for cooking, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.

4. Free access to guests, you own boss.

5. The apartments are located in different parts of the city and hotels are mostly concentrated in the central part.

Singling out the shortcomings of leased accommodation for daily rent, you need to stay on a low level for safety reasons, the lack of all the houses intercom equipment, plastic windows and metal doors. In addition, not all sit concierge. Less trade-housing for rent and that in most cases near the rented apartment is impossible to put vehicles. In contrast, the hotel area is equipped for this purpose designated areas - parking or parking.


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