Curious country with an ancient culture and traditions and modern technical progressive growth at the same time. She punctually attracts thousands of travelers from all corners of the globe. Anyone who has ever been to Japan, confirmed that nothing more interesting they have not seen in any other city or country around the world.

In the mentality of the local population had an effect isolated island location, climate, and natural disasters, such as the kind of earthquake and typhoons. These points are reflected in the display of fluttering in the treatment of the Japanese to nature as a living being.


Meiji Grove - is a Tokyo park, which costs you to visit because of the location there is a rare scenic waterfalls. Ueno Park is popular within its territory by national museums, the City Art Gallery, which should be visited in order to get acquainted with the general cultural heritage of Japanese and other eastern states.

In Japan, stands a huge number of cherry trees in the flowering period (April), they fill all around flavor and dyed in various shades of pink.

Kyoto - the oldest Polish city, the head of temples, shrines and palaces, there are around 2,000 such buildings. Especially revered monastery is Tofukudzi, rebuilt in 1236, and in the XV century. After heavy fire again revived.

A notable example of the National Urban Development also recognized Kinkakuji temple - "Golden Pavilion", the roof and the walls are covered with gold leaf finest work.

Here, in 1489, built the structure - a temple Ginkakudzi - "Silver Pavilion" by analogy "Golden". But in 1950 a mad monk set fire to it, and the building was destroyed, and after 5 years it again erected in the former beauty.

Also worth a visit are the memorable places like Hiroshima Peace Monument in honor of lives blown nuclear bomb in August 1945.

Park Dzhigokudani, which means "Valley of Hell". This is the name given to the park from the current out of the icy land of hot steam and water, surrounded by cliffs and forests cold. The park is famous for the fact that in the winter flock here to warm a large flock of macaques. Fuji is the highest mountain (3776 m.), As well as the most famous among the volcanoes in the world. The last eruption recorded at the end of 1707, however, Fuji restless until our times. Gore recognized leading spiritual center, a place of worship where the faithful gather people from all over Japan.


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