Sochi - unrivaled resort city

Sochi - unrivaled resort city

Russia has long been famous for its wonderful resorts. And one is quite common among them - the city of Sochi. Today he is not only tourism, but also the largest cultural center. Most of the inhabitants of our country give their preference to him.


In just a few words about the famous resorts of the city

The first, found in the way - the area Lazarev. It is the longest area of the city, stretching along the road among the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast. Lazarev district known for its sanatoriums, mountain streams, waterfalls, gorges and interesting gardens. In this area you can easily find a cheap hotel. The area does not have many attractions and suggests a relaxing stay.

More should be said about the Central area. It is small, but full of entertainment, perfect for young people as its territory there are hotels, shopping centers, restaurants, bars, clubs and water parks. This area is the most popular and expensive.

 In Khosta district of the city is a national park that stretches to the mountains. He is considered quite at peace and comfortable place. It is also rich in extensive forests, mud, mineral water, beautiful scenery and the famous healing tourist attraction called "Matsesta". The resort is considered to be excellent for a relaxing family holiday.

Adler district begins just outside the Khosta district, and its border runs through Abkhazia. The area even has a sea port, a plurality of stations and an international airport. He has both beaches and ski cluster. The area is very lively, it has hundreds of clubs and restaurants, as well as have a wonderful amusement park.


On the beaches of Sochi area

Do not forget that almost all the beaches of the city with pebbles, are divided into three types: public, "wild" and closed. The second type of good privacy with nature, but at such beaches will not find the necessary standard amenities. The latter type is closed as is either a sanatorium or resort. The public beach is the most affordable type. He has plenty of entertainment and all the facilities are free of charge, but also the most crowded.

However, rest in Sochi can be found at any wallet size, and in whatever area or staying to stay without a lot of emotions and impressions impossible.


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