Detained cannibals killed several dozen people

Detained cannibals killed several dozen people

It is not advisable for the faint of heart to read this information. Detained family of cannibals from the Krasnodar Territory. According to preliminary data, they ate dozens of people.

These atrocities lasted about 18 years and they were managed to be detained by accident. I found their phone on which they found pictures of their victims. Among other things, the spouses were making preparations from their victims. In the photos that were found in the phone, the man posed with various parts of the bodies. And also photos of limbs in the sink.

His wife worked as a nurse and had access to the air with which cannibals lull their victims. During detention and interrogation, the man categorically denied his guilt and said that he accidentally discovered body parts. In the house of maniacs, seven victims were found. As a result of the investigation, the guilt of the suspects was proved and they confessed everything. The perpetrators of these flagrant crimes face life imprisonment.

As it turned out, in our modern age, there are still adherents of cannibalism ....


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