Wild birds flock at people in Cambridge

Wild birds flock at people in Cambridge

Wild turkeys attack Cambridge. This news is quite real, and not fantastic, as can show at first glance. The population of the city of Cambridge, which is located in Britain, claims that they are periodically attacked by wild turkeys. Bird terrorism by local residents themselves can not be stopped and therefore appealed to the city administration.
Moreover, during the last month the activity of these aggressive birds has sharply increased, attacks on people have become more frequent. Birds, as if they began to consider these territories - their property and try to beat them off from people. City administration of the city seriously took this issue, without ridicule and mockery and delirium of madmen. And no wonder, because one of the politicians himself suffered from the aggression of birds and claims that birds have their own strategy and they even waited for him.

In this city, not only attacks of birds, but also other animals, like: raccoons, squirrels, and also wild animals appear. What kind of mystical events are happening there, science is still unclear, but what do you think about it?


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