What is most often forgotten by tourists in hotels?

What is most often forgotten by tourists in hotels?

As a rule, the collection of things scattered throughout the hotel room, Russian tourists begin at the last minute, unlike the collection of suitcases before the holidays, then many start to gather in a month :-) I know from my experience that I do not really want to leave the place of rest and this unpleasant thing, like collecting things, always leave for later. So, according to many data, most of all on vacation forget to take away glasses and sunscreen and balms. Probably because of their small size, and maybe just as unnecessary.


Then follow the "water accessories", such as underwater glasses and all sorts of inflatable "pieces", such as mattresses. Towels and chargers are forgotten a bit less often, but in the overall statistics they occupy 5 and 6 places respectively. Well, close our list of hygiene products and clothes. Of course, some manage to forget their wallets, phones, ornaments, their liver (tobish health spent on drinks and alcohol), even their husbands, but this is rather an exception and this data is not included in the main statistics.


Have a good rest and try to check carefully the room in the hotel for things you forgot things before leaving, it's better several times.


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