The travel agency issued fake air tickets

The travel agency issued fake air tickets

An interesting case occurred in Kaliningrad. There, the local travel company issued invalid (fake) tickets on the plane and tourists naturally did not fly away. The victims reported that they applied for the purchase of the permit in March and they gave a little more than 100 thousand rubles for the opportunity to visit Turkey. We were going to go on vacation Maria, Andrew and their child.
Just a few days before the flight at the travel agency they were told that it was dangerous to fly to Turkey because of the raging Coxsackie virus, but when the couple began to insist that they would still fly, they were told that the employee of this travel agency forgot to put the hotel on the reservation and offered fly instead of Turkey, to Tunisia. To which they agreed. And on August 22, at the airport on the day of departure it became clear that the tickets were forged.
The couple turned to the travel agency, where they were returned a day after the tour, and also paid a penalty for torn vacation and blamed the incompetent employee.


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