The sum for the resort fee in Sochi became known

The sum for the resort fee in Sochi became known

Literally recently in Russia, a law on resort fees for tourists was passed. For each region, this amount can be different and not mandatory for management. This choice falls on the shoulders of the authorities of a particular city and may not be necessary if they consider that additional recovery may harm the development of the resort and increase the growth of the tourist flow.

In Sochi, they decided to charge 10 rubles per person. This amount for one day of stay in this city is calculated for 1 person, i.е. if you rest with a family of 5 people, then pay for each day for 50 rubles.
At the moment it is an experimental fee to see how it will be relevant for this region and in the future can be increased. The authorities of Sochi are afraid that if the collection is increased, it can harm the resort city.

And how do you think, is it so necessary to collect this money from tourists or the development of resorts should deal with the city authorities?


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