The most popular cities in the world

The most popular cities in the world

You, like travel enthusiasts, certainly have their own favorite countries and cities rating, which you make up yourself.
Every year, Mastercard publishes its ranking of the best and most popular cities around the world, based on the preferences and recommendations of tourists. Russian Moscow entered the top ten, and in the first place the city of Bangkok.
Last year, this capital of Thailand received about 20 million tourists of different nationalities, then the list of London and Paris, they have 19 and 15, 5 million tourists.
Well, as for the most expensive city, it was headed by Dubai, the total amount of money left here by tourists from around the world about $ 30 billion. Next comes New York, he has $ 17 billion
The study also touched upon the topic of the biggest spending on food. Seoul, Istanbul and Prague.
St. Petersburg and Moscow in the Mastercard rating are present as the most popular cities in Russia for foreign tourists.
Well, finally, advice, do not look at other people's ratings, but go wherever the heart asks for and your rest will be unforgettable, because you chose it yourself.


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