The ghost behind the mirror, a terrible story

The ghost behind the mirror, a terrible story

Recently there was a terrible story with the girl Olga. The mirror in her room was broken by imprudence and told her friend about it. The girl wanted to help and in a few days brought her a huge mirror, beautiful, it was very similar to the fact that it is old and expensive. When asked where she got it, a friend replied that she had bought it from her hands, but for a long time it had stood on the balcony, as unnecessary, why not give it to someone who would need it. Olga thanked her friend and the happy one went to bed. All night in her dreams, there were some horrors, as if someone invisible tries to drag her to the mirror with an invisible hand. She resisted. From awful sleep woke up, jumping off the bed, and what she saw in the mirror, made her fall into even more horror. For a couple of seconds a figure appeared in the reflection, in a white garment and with a knife, from which blood dripped. She began to seem that she was going crazy, this just can not be! A month later, she almost did not have a face, she did not leave the house and saw a constant reflection in the mirror. Dreams were creepy.

One day, from the cries of the girl, the neighbors knocked out the door and what they saw there, shocked them. Before them stood Olga, emaciated, wearing a white dress and a knife in her hand, she was scratching the mirror and screaming. The priest was summoned to the house when he entered, his eyes were furious. And when he went to the mirror, fell to the floor, unconscious. It turned out he had a heart attack, he died. Olga was taken to a psychiatric hospital, and her friend found information about this mirror. In front of him, a young girl cut her veins from unhappy love and died.

No wonder they say that mirrors have memory and energy and it is better to buy only new mirrors.


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