The Chinese can not fly to their homeland from Russia

The Chinese can not fly to their homeland from Russia

In connection with the bankruptcy of the airline "VimAvia" tourists from China can not fly to their homeland, tk. charter flights of this company are stopped. According to our data, all tour operators must send out lists to airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg. After checking all the lists with tourists, the relevant authorities will extend the period of visa-free stay in the territory of our country for Chinese citizens. At the moment, about 3000 people can not fly away. Who has money in stock, fly away by other airlines, those who do not have enough money to buy a plane ticket, are forced to remain in Russia. This sways not only the citizens of the Celestial Empire, but also tourists from other countries.
Tourists from Russia, about 45,000 remain abroad and they have a similar situation. The Council of Federation is trying to find air carriers that will help with the return of our citizens from other countries.


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