The American collects $ to prove that the earth is flat

The American collects $ to prove that the earth is flat

A rapper from the US collects dollars in order to prove that the Earth is flat. Bobby Ray is a singer, better known by the pseudonym of VO. B. believes that the planet Earth is still flat. But not only does he himself believe in this, he also wants to bring this to the whole of mankind and began raising funds for this purpose. He plans to launch the satellite into space and show photos to the whole of mankind. He needs only some $ 200,000, for which he created a special website.

"I started collecting because I wanted to launch one or more satellites into space to find out if the Earth is actually round. I'm looking for the bend of the Earth. "

And what is most surprising, the collection is not bad! Only now "smacks" the next divorce, because it is clear that the Earth is round and there is no conspiracy theory. The rapper is likely to collect money for his promotion in show business, or simply wants to be propiaried with such a delirious idea ...
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