Peterhof is recognized as the best park in Europe

Peterhof is recognized as the best park in Europe

The Peterhof Museum, which is located in St. Petersburg, won the title of the best European garden. This information appeared on the official site of this miracle, which is definitely worth a visit to all tourists who come to St. Petersburg.

This year, this place was visited by a huge number of tourists and one day the number of tickets sold was more than 55 thousand, and if you take the annual number of visitors, then it is more than 5 million people, which is an absolute record of all the sights in Russia.

On the territory of the park there are about 150 operating fountains, several parks and about 30 museums. It's no wonder that in this pride of Russia they invest a lot of money for maintenance and restoration.
If you were not in Peterhof, then be sure to visit it, with the coming of the season, you will not be disappointed!


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