Obsessed dolls in England terrify the family

Obsessed dolls in England terrify the family

A woman from England named Merrick Debbie made herself a surprise and bought 3 second-hand dolls in a store, just for 5 pounds and since then her family's life has turned into a real hell. In the house there are paranormal phenomena! Strange and inexplicable phenomena began to occur just a few days after these things hit the house. The temperature sensor constantly jumps, the alarm goes off when there is no reason for it. And her husband Merrick began to appear on his body scars and scratches after he wakes up, i.e. At night something happens, which he does not remember or knows.

At night, floors are creaking all over the house. The family called in the house of their friend - the medium, who reported that all of these phenomena associated with dolls. Locking the dolls in the garage, they hoped that everything would stop, but not here it was, these phenomena continue and the family does not know how to get rid of the paranormal in their home.

Do you believe that the whole fault of a doll or a family is just thinking up an adventure for yourself?


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