MMS from the other world from grandmother

MMS from the other world from grandmother

A terrible and frightening case occurred in Mexico. On the phone Gini Mihai came MMS message, from which the woman's hair stood on end. The photograph was the face of a grandmother, who had long ago died. The picture was fuzzy and the silhouette was surrounded by some incomprehensible shell. Having examined the mysterious photograph well, the girl saw a snake, which wound around the woman's neck. Turning to a fortuneteller, she said that this is a bad sign!

Either the grandmother wants to warn about future misfortunes, whether she has got far not in a heavenly place and pays for her sins. The Family of the Day asked for help from a priest who advised us to pray for the afterlife of the deceased. On the Internet and TV often enough information appears that the dead are trying to communicate with their relatives and loved ones through various means that are used by living people. It can be phones, TVs, signals on the radio, and also can be in dreams.

Do you believe in the afterlife?


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