Мексиканские мэр женился на крокодиле

Мексиканские мэр женился на крокодиле

Yes, the mayor of the city arranged a smart wedding, with a female crocodile. Do you think that he is crazy or freak? Not really. The fact is that this tradition has been going on since the 18th century in the city of San Pedro-Huamelula. Such weddings are held annually. This is a kind of victim, which according to legend helps fishermen with a catch. And the real mayor of the city did not avoid this cheerful wedding. The wedding ceremony itself is very serious, it is being prepared as for a traditional wedding. The female crocodile must be baptized in the church and put on a white dress. The only thing is that in order for the crocodile not to bite his fiancé, I wrap the jaws with ropes.
Such things, would you like to see the wedding night of the newlyweds?))


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